Packages & Sessions - Rates

Remote/Video Chat Session during COVID-19

  • Effective energy balancing through:
  • *Video chat
  • *Remote - email issue
  • *Emotion Code
  • *Body Code
  • *EFT

The Body Code/Emotion Code - 30-minute phone or remote session

  • Body Code / Emotion Code - 30-minute phone, FaceTime, or email session
  • Phone, FaceTime, Skype, or email sessions payable in advance.
  • Heart Wall requires 3-4 sessions.
  • Office: Sessions of at least 60-minutes.

The Food Codes

  • With the Food Codes, you can learn any of the following:
  • - which foods are good for your body and which to avoid;
  • - which foods are good for your weight loss plan;
  • - which foods are high energy providing fuel for your body and which foods are low energy taking away energy.
  • You determine what you want to learn from the Food Codes and your subconscious gives us the information.