Energy Tapping                    
Tapping for Emotional Relief

Tapping is the easy, fast, painless method to bring about positive change by removing negative emotions and life-long blocks to a better life. Tapping has been likened to acupuncture without the needles.

Tapping alleviates anxiety, improves sleep, eliminates long-term grief, removes fear of moving forward, breaks barriers.

You simply acknowledge an event for which you still have an emotional charge, and while focusing on the issue, tap on the various points and repeat a phrase related to issue. The emotional response to the issue is reduced within a few minutes. Additional tapping to get to the root causes will be needed to leave that event in the past where it belongs. Your tapping practitioner can help you fine tune your tapping.

Clients experience results with first session--they feel better, calmer, more centered. Some clients need just one session to eliminate their problem while others schedule regular sessions to peel away the layers to resolve issue and to stay on track and move toward new goals.

Sessions available remotely by phone or FaceTime.

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