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As a former educator, I have always been interested in helping people be their best selves. With energy work, I have been helping clients remove negativity from their lives for many years. When a person's energy is balanced, that person can more easily heal from emotional wounds and physical pain. When energy is balanced, reaching goals is much easier because invisible blocks to success have been removed.

In energy sessions, it is not necessary to go into detail about painful events to remove the negative energy. A brief description or simple naming of the event is all that is needed. I've had clients simply give me a name and nothing more than a nod through the rest of the session and leave relieved and smiling.

You can learn more about Energy Tapping and The Emotion Code, The Body Code, and The Belief Code on the internet. When you've made the decision that energy work is what you need, please contact me. I look forward to working with you.

I am not a medical practitioner. 

Anyone suffering medical issues must seek professional medical advice.  I do not cure anyone.

I am a practitioner of Energy Tapping, The Body Code, and The Emotion Code. I enable clients to eliminate negativity, remove imbalances, and move toward a better life.

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Energy Tapping                    
Tapping for Emotional Relief

Tapping is the easy, fast, painless method to bring about positive change by removing negative emotions and life-long blocks to a better life. Tapping has been likened to acupuncture without the needles.

Tapping alleviates anxiety, improves sleep, eliminates long-term grief, removes fear of moving forward, breaks barriers.

You simply acknowledge an event for which you still have an emotional charge, and while focusing on the issue, tap on the various points and repeat a phrase related to issue. The emotional response to the issue is reduced within a few minutes. Additional tapping to get to the root causes will be needed to leave that event in the past where it belongs. Your tapping practitioner can help you fine tune your tapping.

Clients experience results with first session--they feel better, calmer, more centered. Some clients need just one session to eliminate their problem while others schedule regular sessions to peel away the layers to resolve issue and to stay on track and move toward new goals.

Sessions available remotely by phone or FaceTime.

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Free Webinar - Biological Weight Loss Trap - Lots of great information to help you learn the reason behind weight loss problems.

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103 Disempowering Beliefs about Weight Loss

103 Disempowering Beliefs about Money

The Emotion Code, The Body Code & The Belief Code imageThe Emotion Code, The Body Code & The Belief Code imageThe Emotion Code, The Body Code & The Belief Code image

If you're ready to feel better and to make changes, I can help. I will help you discover and correct imbalances and leave emotional baggage in the past. You no longer have to live with emotional distress, physical pain, or blocks to your goals.

I am happy to now have The Belief Code along with The Body Code and The Emotion Code in my toolbox. With The Belief Code, we uncover subconscious beliefs that have been directing your life, behavior, and outcomes. You can be in charge of your life! The Body Code is an efficient method to uncover imbalances in the body--imbalances causing stress, pain, and blocks to goals you want to achieve. This is the effective, painless way to remove the burden of emotional baggage you've been carrying around for a long time. Research shows that emotional baggage not only makes us feel bad (anxiety, depression, pain), but it also prevents us from reaching our goals - financial, relationship, weight loss, etc. because the emotional baggage becomes blocks preventing our success.

What is emotional baggage? Trapped emotions

Just about everyone has some amount of emotional baggage from painful life events. Although invisible, emotional baggage is very real and can disrupt your life. It's like lugging around a suitcase from each event you've experienced. Eventually, the load gets too heavy to ignore. We call each suitcase a "trapped emotion," a bit of emotional energy that gets stuck somewhere in your body. Trapped emotions are negative, destructive vibrations that can affect the body with pain, and they can also cause emotional problems. Using The Emotion Code, you can be rid of the trapped emotions and lighten your load.

A variety of sessions are available to you.   The Emotion Code, The Body Code, and The Belief Code are very effective over phone, FaceTime, Google Meet, and even email.  Many clients simply email or text their concern/issue of the week and I do remote sessions for them. Because we are all energetic beings, I can make a connection with you and work remotely to remove imbalances and blocks.

Why wait? Call, text, or email to schedule your session today!

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  • Ocala, FL, United States

Tapping - 50-minute session

  • Sessions are 50 minutes scheduled Monday through Friday via phone, FaceTime.
  • Zelle, Venmo, cash at session;
  • PayPal - add $4 to cover service charge.
  • Check - in advance

The Food Codes

  • With the Food Codes, you can learn what your body needs for optimal health. I create a chart of best foods and foods to avoid.
  • You are not on the phone or video chat while I work. I do this remotely, create chart, and send it to you.
  • The $125 charge includes a follow-up 30-40 days after you've received the initial plan. This follow-up allows time for body to adjust to new eating plan and make changes.
  • Zelle, Venmo, cash, or check in advance. PayPal -add $4 service charge..

Purchase a session before Mother's Day, May 12, for your mother, for you, or for a friend for $80, normally $97.  Session must be scheduled by end of May.

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I am now certified in The Belief Code. I am happy to be adding this to my toolkit to benefit clients. The Belief Code is Level 3 beyond Emotion Code, Body Code. Our beliefs, sometimes faulty, run our lives. Beliefs can impede progress in all areas and, when removed, allow us to live freely. If you've been working on any issue for a long time and seem to have no progress, identifying and clearing negative beliefs often facilitate change.

Sandra Wilson is an energy healer, specializing in balancing a person's energy by removing negativities using various modalities: The Emotion Code, The Body Code, The Belief Code, and Tapping.

To balance energy, the focus is on symptoms a person is experiencing: stress, anxiousness, fear, worry,etc.; pain or discomfort in the body; inability to change behavior or achieve a goal.

While some issues may be resolved in a single session, deep-seated ones often take longer. If something has been an issue for many years, it's likely to take more than one session to experience change.

No medical diagnoses is offered or will be treated. Always refer to your medical professional for medical assistance.

Sandra Wilson is NOT a medical professional.