Free Informative Webinar: Lots of free information and workbook.  Learn what's hindering your weight loss.

The Tapping Solution Presents: The Biological Weight Loss Trap

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alleviate stress

Hope you are well and staying safe during this uncertain time.  Remember that stress and negative emotions can be alleviated with energy work--whether it be a video or remote session with me or tapping along to a YouTube video for stress relief.  

Check out videos on YouTube by these great masters:

Brad Yates

Carol Tuttle

Carol Look

Nick Ortner

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Get your free Emotion Code starter kit now. 

Get your free Emotion Code ebook and learn more about Emotion Code and how to use it on yourself.

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Best foods for 2020

Do you know which foods your body wants to lose weight? to be energetic? to heal?  

Ever wonder why that diet that works for everyone else does nothing for you?

Choose the foods that best serve your body!  I can help you develop that list!

Contact me to create your best foods list for 2020!


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