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As a former educator, I have always been interested in helping people be their best selves. With energy work, I have been helping clients remove negativity from their lives for many years. When a person's energy is balanced, that person can more easily heal from emotional wounds and physical pain. When energy is balanced, reaching goals is much easier because invisible blocks to success have been removed.

In energy sessions, it is not necessary to go into detail about painful events to remove the negative energy. A brief description or simple naming of the event is all that is needed. I've had clients simply give me a name and nothing more than a nod through the rest of the session and leave relieved and smiling.

You can learn more about Energy Tapping and The Emotion Code, The Body Code, and The Belief Code on the internet. When you've made the decision that energy work is what you need, please contact me. I look forward to working with you.

I am not a medical practitioner. 

Anyone suffering medical issues must seek professional medical advice.  I do not cure anyone.

I am a practitioner of Energy Tapping, The Body Code, and The Emotion Code. I enable clients to eliminate negativity, remove imbalances, and move toward a better life.

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